New Year, New Start ,New Intern ,New Blog


2019 has already been a world wind of a year and its only February. In 2019, Anastasia bid farewell to the retail space on Damen Ave., and I said hello to my Social Media Internship with Anastasia Chatzka. It's been an eye-opening couple of months of working in the Studio with Anastasia but I am constantly in awe of watching each weeks various sewing classes, as well as the many hours spent outside of classes working on Youtube videos, future collections, and the future of the studios design/layout. 


Sitting in on the Saturday basic sewing class might have become my favorite class to observe so far. Normally during classes I tend to be busy working on generating content, taking and editing pictures, playing with Iris who even now is lounging behind my computer, but Saturday's class is different, the vast range of ages in the class, and the skill level across the class.  I sat and took everything in, not only how Anastasia took time to work with each individual in the class, but also how everyone in the class was more than willing to help each other out when there was a question about the difference between fish eye and regular darts, issues with the machine or winding elastic thread into the bobbin, or which decorative stitch to use once everyone got the smocking down on the various fabrics.

As I sit here, laughing, taking notes, and taking pictures, with 97.1 playing  in the background, I realize that I am witnessing the beginning of something truly amazing. 2019 is going to be a big year for Anastasia.

Written By Sierra Nelson.