We have new sewing machines for the studio!

I am sooooo excited to show you all of the new amazing sewing machines that we have for sewing classes. I am now an official Husqvarna Viking Ambassador! SO cool right!? We have 3 models that we will be using during sewing classes. The Topaz 40 which is a normal sewing machine and embrodiery machine! The Opal 670 which is a digital sewing machine. It even cuts your thread for you! We also have the Huskylock S25. This machine will be serging an finishing edges like a pro! Take a look at all of these amazing machines in the video below.

The sewing design studio is ready!

Over the past 6 months I have been working everylast minuite between running the boutique and creating new collections to get the studio up to perfection to start shooting more tutorials for the Sew Anastasia you tube channel. Great news!! I am ready!! We started shooting last week and starting this up coming week I will have a new sewing tutorial every Tuesday. I will also be releasing a second video on a random day through out the week. 




I also have a new sewing class schedule that is out. We have classes every Wednesday from 7-9pm and Sunday from 6-8pm. You can sign up through the web site, over the phone or in person at the boutique.  I am so excited to share the studio with every one and contuine the adventure of sewing. 








The Sew Anastasia Studio Kickstarter


Anastasia has big plans for 2017, The Sew Anastasia Sewing & Design Studio is almost done but we need your help!  We are excited to announce that we have launched our first Kickstarter Campaign to help fund this new venture.  The new sewing studio, located in the ICNC Small Business Incubator, will be used to teach sewing & design classes for all skill levels and ages.   The Sew Anastasia Sewing & Design Studio will be an affordable place to learn sewing and design skills in a comfortable and professional environment.  The funds generated from the Kickstarter campaign will be used to purchase additional sewing machines, cutting tables, sewing notions, dress forms, and professional steam irons. All of these items are essential in our student’s success, we want them to get meaningful first hand experience.  Kickstarter Backers will help transform the Sew Anastasia Sewing Studio into a place where sewists can thrive creatively and productively under the direction of Chicago’s 2016 Best Local Clothing Designer, Anastasia Chatzka. We are grateful to all donations so we are offering 12 tiers of donations with exclusive rewards for each tier.  A few rewards that we are offering include a 4-week sewing class, starring in a Sew Anastasia YouTube video, or shadowing Anastasia from sunrise to sunset. Sewing is fading away in the world of mass production and fast fashion, lets change that!


For more information on Sew Anastasia and sewing classes offered, please visit www.sewanastasia.com or email sewanastasia@gmail.com. To help fund the Sew Anastasia Kickstarter Campaign please visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/anastasiachatzka/sew-anastasia-sewing-studio

Sewing classes at the new studio

It finally happened! We have a new design/sewing studio to have all of our sewing classes in . This means we have more space to spread out and be creative! The space is under construction to having huge cutting tables and tons of sewing machines so we can all sew together and be productive on our projects! I want to thank every one who has taken a class thus far with me in the boutique and I am looking forward to sewing with every one in the new studio. The new classes are listed on our site here and you can even sign up for them on our sew site! SO EXCITING!!!!