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Make Your Very Eye Mask!

Walk away from this amazing two hour session with your own eye mask, perfect for ensuring you get more than enough beauty sleep.

Duration - 1 day class for 3 hours
Start - Mar. 23rd
Day - SATURDAY / Time: 3pm to 5pm
Cost - $100

All supplies and machines are provided for the project along with the pattern

Color and fabric will be random depending on what is available.

MUST HAVE BASIC SEWING KNOWLEDGE - How to set up a machine, wind a bobbin etc. If you have not sewn in a while and need a quick refresher no problem; just schedule a one on one with Anastasia.

Anastasia’s 1 day sewing classes are perfect for learning new skills and trying out something new. During your one day class you can expect to cut and sew your project and have a wearable piece to take home! We have plenty of sewing machines for you to use (or you can bring your own!), along with embroidery machines and sergers and a huge cutting table— in short, everything you could need for your project. The one day classes are taught step by step ensuring you are going home with a completed project and new improved skills.

These sessions are a chance to practice sewing in the presence of an expert who is always ready to answer questions, help with stitches, and teach you new techniques. It is a comfortable place for people of all skill levels, whether you’re a beginner, or have been sewing for years. The supportive community that is formed in these classes keeps people from getting discouraged and helps everyone come out a sewing success. If you are interested in weekly classes check out the basic sewing class called stitch book or the open studio sewing classes.